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About MyPBC Coach – Prepare for the next visit with your healthcare team

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Managing primary biliary cholangitis (PBC), formerly known as primary biliary cirrhosis, can be tough. It is a progressive autoimmune disease that affects the bile ducts in the liver. PBC causes bile to get trapped in your liver, which can lead to bile buildup and liver damage over time.

Time can be tight during visits with your healthcare team – made up of your treating physician (either a gastroenterologist or hepatologist), physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner or even your psychiatrist. This site can help you make the most of those minutes by zeroing in on the right questions to ask.

Take the quick MyPBC Coach quiz to get your personal conversation guide for the next visit with your healthcare team.

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There are many resources out there to help you understand and manage PBC. Here are a few places you can go for even more information.                                                                    

Thanks to members of the liver and PBC advocacy communities for their guidance on this site. For more information about organizations that support people with PBC, visit the Resources page on 

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