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Make Time with Your Healthcare Team Count

Hear about ways to make time with your healthcare team count from Dr. Jennifer Pate, Chief of Psychiatry at Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center.

I’m Dr. Jennifer Pate. I’m Chief of Psychiatry here at Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center.

Anytime a patient has a doctor’s appointment it’s important to discuss their symptoms and also their concerns about disease progression. One of the ways we monitor that is through looking at alkaline phosphatase levels. It’s important that they have a one page snapshot of their medical conditions including their diagnosis, their other doctors, and the medications that they’re prescribed. The patient should also carry a list of their symptoms so that they’re sure to cover their concerns with their physicians. It’s absolutely crucial that you maintain an active and up to date medication list that includes all prescribed medications, herbal supplements and over the counter medications.

I recommend that when patients go to busy doctor’s appointments that they actually have their top three questions or concerns written down. As the doctor is finishing up the visit the patient should say, “Dr. So-and-so, I have three questions I need answered today,” and hand the doctor the list of questions. Most of the time, even the busiest of doctors will take time to answer these three questions. I would actually make an argument that if your doctor is not willing to do that, once you hand them a list of three questions, you may be better off with a different physician.

Hopefully these tips have helped you come up with some ideas about how to make the most of your doctor’s visit for your PBC.

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